Aya Films

About Us

logo iconAya Distribution is an international sales and distribution company with a particular focus on African cinema. We distribute pioneering titles that excite curious minds, inspire imagination, and even change how people see the world.

Our unique catalogue is comprised of award-winning feature films and documentaries from Africa, Europe and the US. Our sales and distribution arm works hard to distribute these titles across a variety of different platforms; including cinemas, DVD distributors, television broadcasters, video on demand platforms and in-flight entertainment channels.



Aya Distribution was founded in 2011, the company sprung out of the realization that there needs to be a greater provision of African films in markets across the world. Since inception we have undertaken many innovative initiatives to encourage wider dissemination of African cinema.

Since forming we ensure that we constantly keep informed on current developments within the African film industry. We regularly attend, participate and speak at African film festivals and film conferences all over the world in order to network, view films, visit film archives, and request viewing copies of films from filmmakers, distributors and producers.