We believe that each curator has a unique way of viewing and appreciating cinema, and therefore think that a number of curators should be involved in selecting what is shown on screen.

Through this, we want to de-centre the singular gaze often perpetuated through film institutions and open it out to more curators. To do so we want to forge connections with institutions and organisations both within the UK and internationally. 

We created Curate-It in order to democratise film curation, the course provides participants with all they need to know to implement their own screening event. We want to make knowledge about film curation easily accessible within a digital space and have created an eight-step programme to teach participants about film theory, film curation and the practical and logistical elements needed to create film events.

The eight steps – Watch-it, Analyse-it, Curate-it, Finance-it, Market-it, Execute-it, Evaluate-it and Screen-it – consist of written information, activities, tailored reading lists, videos featuring film experts sharing their knowledge, and the ability to show films on a public facing VoD platform.

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Below are some of the programmes we are currently working on:

SAFAR Futures Young Curators programme

We are collaborating with the Arab British Centre on the delivery of their 2023 edition of the SAFAR Futures Young Curators programme. This programme is held as part of the SAFAR Film Festival which is the only festival dedicated to presenting cinema from across the Arab world in the UK. The SAFAR Futures Young Curators programme focuses on developing the next generation of Arab British film industry talent. We are working with three Arab-British curators to collectively work through the Curate-It programme and create an event which will be shown as part of the festival in the Barbican in July. 

Curatorial Fellowship Edinburgh International Film Festival 

We have partnered with the Edinburgh International Film Festival in order to offer Fellowships to 2 participants who will curate films/events as part of the 76th edition of the EIFF. This will take place from April-August and will culminate in 2 films and 2 events hosted online on the Curate-It platform as part of the EIFF. 

University of Glasgow, MsC in Film Curation

Students undertaking the Film Curation Masters at the University of Glasgow have been using Curate-It during their studies.