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Cry of Love Educational Resource

Key learning objectives:

This pack is intended to educate students about what is meant when we talk about democracy, justice, human rights, the nature of identity, and immigration and xenophobia. It will encourage them to think about their unique potential, enhance cultural awareness, and improve knowledge and understanding of their rights and responsibilities as global citizens. Each lesson will begin with an enquiry about the topics covered, starting with a basic stimulus directly relating to their lives and then using this to branch out into wider discussion. Four of these lessons will include 30 minutes of the film.

Students will learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, allowing them to use this as a framework for further exploration of human rights violations and protections. This knowledge alongside practical examples taken from the film Cry of Love will provide students with an understanding of human rights and how these relate to their everyday lives.

Curriculum links:

The topics in this resource fulfil the statutory requirements for many aspects of the National Curriculum, including the following:

  • Human Rights and social responsibility
  • Our rights and responsibilities as global citizens
  • Equality and social justice
  • The Nature of Identity
  • Exploring social, moral, cultural and spiritual development

This resource includes:

  • Five step -by- step lesson plans on Human Rights and justice, Human Rights and democracy, the Nature of Identity, Immigration and Xenophobia and Assessing Cry of Love.
  • The new and innovative South African musical Cry of Love.
  • Accompanying resources and activities for each lesson.
  • Comprehensive fact sheets on all topics covered.

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